How To Make Hamburger Cheese Dip Healthier


As promised, I’m sharing how to make a healthier hamburger dip for your game days.

You know the dip I’m referring to…..

The one with the ginormous, orange block of gooey-ness {you know real cheese isn’t naturally orange, right?}, that’s mixed with a big can of Rotel tomatoes, and a heap of ground meat, all tossed into a crock pot and scooped up with the saltiest tortilla chips you can find.

You know it is not good for you but you just can’t seem to quit eating it!

What if you could continue eating it as a treat {did you even stop?} but with better ingredients so that you won’t feel like the “Worst Wife and Mom  of the Year” for feeding it to your fam.


If you’ve followed along here or via Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, you know that we started a 24 day challenge months ago which dramatically transformed the health and vitality of our family.

Close friends and faithful readers of THTG are gasping right now that I’m even thinking of eating this high calorie, super-processed cheesy, hamburger dip.

Hang with me friend…..


The Change

We still feel amazing from breaking the cravings of salt, sugar, fried foods, dairy and grains and now I’m having fun making some of our old southern foods “healthified.”

Yes, the Grammar Nazi just made up a new word, thank you very much.

We continue to eat super clean, real foods day in and day out and are at the point now where we save any treats we want to have for the weekend.  Unlike failed “diets” of the past, the weekend isn’t a complete free-for all.  We enjoy a couple indulgences and we are done.  

We are having fun with it and it is definitely all about being intentional.  We never want to go back to the dull, lethargic, unhealthy, unmotivated people we were before we learned how to simply eat real, whole food the way God intended for us to in the first place.

I’ve spent the last year and a half researching the real vs. diet vs. fake foods and experimenting with recipes in the kitchen.  I don’t know about your house, but my fam is a tough crowd when it comes to great tasting food.  If you see a recipe on this blog, it has passed the hardest food critics around.


The healthier dip

I affectionately started calling it football dip years ago since I only made it right before Georgia Bulldog football games.

I always knew this appetizer wasn’t good for us but I wrongly worried about counting calories, fat, and carbs back then.  What I didn’t realize was what a ridiculously fake food Velvetta really is.

Here’s the break-down of what I replace with what.

Velvetta- replaced with Greek Cream Cheese and cheddar cheese {block} that I shred myself.









Even though we eat cheese at a very small minimum these days, when we do consume it, I want it to be real cheese {instead of a big block of wanna-be cheese} with the lowest sodium possible.  Until I started really reading labels of everything during our challenge, I had no idea that cheese had tons of sodium in it to start with.

It is my humble opinion that eating real food that occurs naturally is better for you than searching for low-fat or fat-free options.  For cream cheese, the fat is removed and replaced with fake substances to try to make it taste just as good as the full fat version.  The better tasting real thang?

Yes, please.

Rotel replaced with a jar of ready-made salsa but ideally a homemade salsa is best so you can cut the salt.

Ground Meat– is not replaced so grab your favorite kind.  We prefer lean beef or ground venison.

Taco Seasoningis replaced with Extra Spicy flavored Mrs. Dash to get the same flavor with no sodium.


1  1/2 pounds cooked ground meat

1 jar salsa or 2 chopped tomatoes, 1/4 c chopped onion, 1/4 c green pepper, & 1/2 jalapeno

8 ounce Greek Cream Cheese, slightly melted in microwave, about 40 seconds

1/2 cup shredded Cheddar cheese

Mrs. Dash-extra spicy flavor



Place all ingredients in a pre-heated crock pot set on high for 30 minutes.  Stir and set to low.   Now go enjoy that ballgame with your man.



In honor of college football fans everywhere, let me end by introducing you to the Embers.   I begin heart palpitations around a minute and a half.  😉

Embers from Georgia Football on Vimeo.


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