Summer Health Journal #3 Fresh Hope-No Diets

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The heat is rising {supposed to be 100 degrees today ’round here} and it’s busy, but I want to encourage you to be intentional about your health this week, my friend.

Have you been following the Summer Health Journal of fresh hope-no diets and making sure you are doing the basics?  It’s not too late to start, or start over.  Just start here, block out the noise and move on.  Share your progress by commenting below on, The How to Guru facebook page, or by tagging me with @thehowtoguru on Instagram.

I’ve promised to update with a Health Journal each week and so far we’ve made sure that we are:

  • Drinking water consistently throughout the day
  • Getting our heart rate up for thirty-minute bursts, three times a week
  • Getting at least 6-8 hours of quality sleep
  • Eating one serving of fresh fruit in the hours between rising and lunch

Health Journal Week #1 Results

How did you do last week?

I was pretty consistent all on realms of the challenge and had to get creative for my exercise.  I want to encourage you to not get caught up in discouragement concerning what kind of activity you will do to get that heart rate up.  Just do it, even if it’s running around your house a few times outside because you can’t exercise indoors and you can’t leave the house.

I started out with my nice little C25k app but then went on an impromptu trip and had to use walking outside for the other two days.  I like things to be in nice, neat little packages and in the past, I would have stressed out that I wasn’t following along with the schedule my little app told me to do.  Yes, I want my app to have all its tasks checked but the point is to get my body moving consistently and if that means doing something other than c25k, then so be it.

I’m focusing on the big picture of my health and these baby steps.  I can do this and so can you. Ready to join me for another week?

You know you want to.


Health Plan for Week #3

Along with the baby steps already covered concerning water, exercise, sleep, and fruit, let’s make sure we have at least two servings of vegetables each day.  Simple, right?  Not necessarily.

Vegetables:  Make sure that you are getting a serving of some type of vegetable for lunch and dinner every single day.  On the days you are out of the house for lunchtime, I suggest packing the vegetables from last night’s dinner or raw veggies that are easy to transport like raw carrots or broccoli.

I’ve found that for me and the majority of women, we don’t have an issue eating a vegetable with our dinner at night but adding that nutrition at lunchtime is more of a challenge.  For most, it ends up being french fries in the drive-thru or skipped altogether.

Again, this is all about being intentional and seeing where the holes to your health are.  I struggle with eating vegetables at lunch, but I know that it is something my body needs so I’m literally going to make myself add them in.

How about you?


Fresh Hope for this week

Here’s something I want you to think about this week if you are grasping for motivation:  

I challenge you to spend some time reading 1 Corinthians 9: 23-27.  It’s even better if you can read the whole chapter so you can see the context of what Paul is up to.

I love verses 23 through 24 because they motivate me to look at this current challenge as a tool to further the gospel in a way.  May sound wonky to some, but I have found {over and over again} that by increasing the good health of your body, you are increasing the stamina and outlook you have to do the Lord’s work on a daily basis.

Verse 26 reminds me that as believers, we should not be floundering around without direction but to be intentional with the Gospel.  I want to be intentional with my days as well and live them as a gift God has given as well.  As Paul says, “so we aren’t boxing the air.”  That makes me laugh.  I love that ole Paul.

So be encouraged, Sister to make the most of your days.  Certain seasons of our lives are just tougher to concentrate on ourselves and our health than others, but it won’t last forever. Just be intentional to do what you can do and think about it each day what you can improve on this list.  Don’t listen to the lies that tell you that you should just give up because you can’t be perfect.  

You can follow along with this health journal and improve your health and I’m right here with ya.


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