The How-to Weekly ~ Nov. 2nd Edition

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Hello Gorgeous friend.

Cozy on up to get refreshed because I’ve got all my favs from this week here,  just for you.  


  • Fun & helpful How-tos to knock your socks off
  • Inspiring stories
  • A dose of optimism
  • A scoop of motivation
  • And a side of Guru life


Cue the confetti, honey.  God’s fall confetti, that is.

Gayle Nicholson cc




















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Last week’s How-to Weekly






Mmmmm, doesn’t this look amazingly yummy?  We avoid sugar {blast that Halloween candy!} so I’m up for any coffee drink that is a better alternative of how to make a caramel frappuccino.












I’m all about balance 🙂  so after making the frappuccino, check out how to be a better runner.  There are some really great tips for beginners too.







I think you’ll really enjoy these super-cool clever ideas of how to make your house more awesome.












Potato Soup drip


With these wonderful fall days, you must know How to make Crock Pot Potato Soup that is healthy, cheap and easy.









This time of year, things get crazy and having a great updo can be a lifesaver, hence the need to know how to do a twisted bun that is adorable.











After trying my best to perform miracles in the salon by changing lives one hair at a time ;), the highlight of the week was our small town’s night of fall festival/trick-or-treating.   I personally with joining in when my children were young because I didn’t want them to think it was OK to celebrate the displays of darkness we would come in contact with concerning Halloween.  

After much prayer, we decided as a family to spread light and cheer by thinking of it as a time to reach out to the lost and deceived with evangelism and spend time with families we adore who invite us for Chili!  It’s a time we look forward to so much.

 Our main street comes alive with business doors open and owners standing on the sidewalks talking with folks and giving candy to the children.  Since we moved out to the country years ago, our tradition has always been to jump on our golf cart with blankets and flashlights and head to town.  {Hillbillies!}  


It’s a wonderful thing to live in a Mayberry town.

This year, Princess just wanted to wear a simple Georgia Bulldog outfit and be cute.  


We messed around and never got that painted “G” on her face.




















Thank you Lord for Simple Pleasures!



I leave you with my favorite inspirational story and video of the week.  Wait til you hear why this 99 year old woman is a hero.  


Enjoy and remember, I am praying for you Sista!

If you can’t view above then try Why this 99 year old “Sewing Celebrity”  is a hero.


Speak up ~ How does your family choose to spend Halloween/Fall Festival Traditions?

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