Welcome To Fit & Fab Fall {Day 1}

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Welcome Friend to Week #1 of our Fit & Fab Fall Challenge.  I’m so excited that so many of you signed the Vow and are following along as we incorporate Faith, Food, & Fitness truths one day at a time on our journey to health once and for all.  If you haven’t signed the Vow yet, get it done, we’ll be waiting for you!  

I will add new posts almost daily {subscribe in the right column} to discuss the challenges and hurdles we face during our journey.   This is officially day 1…so let’s go y’all!

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Over the past year, I’ve prayed, researched, experimented, and worked hard at finding a happy balance between how to be healthier as a super-busy wife and Mom on a small budget while living a pretty normal life.

No radical foods, no diet pills, no organics, no celebrity meal plans.

Just a girl learning how God designed our bodies to respond to food {good vs. bad},  faith {belief vs. anxiety} , and fitness {movement vs. inactivity}.   

I’ve found success in real-food nutrition, God’s word, and by slowly increasing my fitness level.  I want to encourage you here with motivation and accountability from myself and other women who understand how tough it is to just get started.  

I pray that you allow God to restore your health, vitality, and stamina in order to live abundantly because that is what He {and I} desires for you.  



Whatever past struggles you come with remember that today is a new day.  If you are thinking of all the past failures you have had with food, fitness, and maybe even your faith, ask the Father to help you let them go right now.  We are going to feed our faith, not our fears and past failures.

Faith Challenge this week:  Find strength in today’s truths.  Memorize Isaiah 58:11 this week and check out the following lyrics and video if you need more reinforcement.

Whatever we need, He IS the Answer.

And the Lord will continually guide you,
And satisfy your desire in scorched places,
And give strength to your bones;
And you will be like a watered garden,
And like a spring of water whose waters do not fail. ~Isaiah 58:11

 So basically, The Lord will guide you always; He will satisfy your needs, amen?

Rest in this dear sister.

I am the Lord your God, I go before you now
I stand beside you, I’m all around you
Though you feel I’m far away, I’m closer than your breath
I am with you, more than you know

I am the Lord your peace, no evil will conquer you
Steady now your heart and mind, come into My rest
Oh, let your faith arise, lift up your weary head
I am with you wherever you go

Come to Me, I’m all you need.
Come to Me, I’m everything
Come to Me, I’m all you need.
Come to Me, I’m your everything

I am your anchor, in the wind and the waves
I am your steadfast, so don’t be afraid
Though your heart and flesh may fail you, I’m your faithful strength
I am with you wherever you go

Come to Me, I’m all you need.
Come to Me, I’m your everything
Come to Me, I’m all you need.
Come to Me, I’m your everything

Don’t look to the right or to the left but keep your eyes on Me
You will not be shaken, you will not be moved ooh
I am the hand to hold, I am the truth, I am the way
Just come to Me, come to Me, cause I’m all that you need



I am completely convinced of this one fact:

While that is a wonderful truth, it can be completely overwhelming and even disheartening when your current diet is less than stellar and you aren’t sure where to start, right?

Susan Gayle cc

I’ve found that the best way to stick with healthier choices is by adding good nutrition rather than what needs to be cut out.  We’ll clean up the other parts later.  😉

Food Challenge this week:  Eat one serving of fresh fruit for a mid-morning snack and a mid-afternoon snack, eat vegetables at lunch and dinner, and drink at least three large glasses of water throughout the day.  

Don’t get caught up in servings sizes or whether they are organic vs. non-organic.  Just eat fruit and veggies twice a day at these times for whatever days are left in your week at this reading.  Preferably fresh fruit that stands alone without being in a can or covered with anything such as chocolate or such.  

Vegetables preferably should be fresh or frozen and prepared as healthy as you know how.  I’ll be sharing some healthy vegetable recipes this week but do the best you can until then.

Remember that we also took a Vow to leave off any foods that are fried or made with white flour such as white bread, white rice, baked goods with white flour, and regular pasta or crackers.  

We’ll be learning better alternatives for the foods listed above so don’t panic.   😉

Because I’ve had some ask out of curiosity, I will share what I ate today.  My daily diet is not always perfect but don’t be discouraged if this is better than what you ate today.  

Our family has continued with the highest quality supplements that we found during our 24 Day challenge this past year but I’ll share more about them later. I am including links in case you want to read about them.   You can add these at any time but just be sure to follow the food challenges for each week as your first priority.

Pre-breakfast:  Spark  {my mental focus, energy drink that replaced coffee/sodas for me} & big glass of water

Breakfast:  Protein Shake   {we drank these on our 24 Day challenge and I continue because it is a perfect meal and I do not like eating breakfast-yummy & convenient} & big glass of water

Mid-morning snack:  Fresh Strawberries & big handful of unsalted peanuts 

Lunch:  Raw Baby Carrots & Burrito with meat and cheese & big glass of water

Mid-afternoon snack:  grapes & big handful of unsalted cashews

Dinner:  Homemade Chicken Pot Pie  {I’ll get this recipe up this week}



Our Fitness Challenge this week:   Get moving for at least one hour this week.  You split this up in any way  you can and by doing any form of movement or exercise that you want.

For instance, you can go walking two days this week at thirty minutes each or break that into six different 10-minute sessions.  You may choose to go for a stroll for an hour with the spouse and/or the kiddos and be done.  Don’t over-complicate it.  Just do it.  My advice is to do something on Monday to start your week out right.  Don’t put it off for other days.

Got an elliptical?  A treadmill?  A video?  The point is to just get moving.

woman walking with dog

 Do whatever form of exercise makes you happy and raises your heart rate.  Just make sure you keep up with your time and have an hour logged in by this Sunday night at bedtime.


 Now go make sure you have plenty of fresh or frozen fruits and veggies for the week ahead and a plan to get moving.

Let me hear from you in the comments with questions or encouragement for others!

Be sure to share with others below.  You never know who may need this.

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