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Hello Gorgeous friend.

Cozy on up to get refreshed because I’ve got all my favs from this week here,  just for you.  


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Cue the confetti, honey.  God’s fall confetti, that is.

Gayle Nicholson cc



















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Can I just say how amazed I am at God right now.

Truly, He never ceases to amaze me.  Let me count the ways just from this week:

#1 ~ I got over myself and asked for a very specific prayer need from a sweet friend this week {big stuff-obviously I have issues with asking for prayer}.  It’s only been four days since she joined me in petition to the Lord  but Wow, oh Wow, can I feel the presence of the Lord in the small details of my life.

The circumstances haven’t changed one. little. bit.

You know what has changed?   That’s right, me.

My constant fear and stress in this certain area of my life has been traded out for freedom, hallelujah.

psalm 118 6





















The Lord has literally removed the cloud overhead, led me to practical tips and solutions, and gave me more boundless energy to boot.  I’ve hardly slept in two days from the hope I’ve found and have practically cleaned every inch of my house.

I mean clean, girl.  

Not just wiping and moving on.  Like, my hands are raw from washing down kitchen cabinet doors and scrubbing every crevice of the kitchen in general.

Certainly not normal. 

I guess my secret weapon helps out with that too.  🙂

I want to challenge you to take those fears to the Lord and find Him in His word every single morning.  OK, I challenge you to find God in His word every morning whether something huge is on your mind or not.  It’s life-changing to start the day this way.  Your outlook, attitude, and entire day is filtered through the Words of Truth that you are hiding in your heart.

Then if it blesses your heart like it does mine, find a relevant worship song and get your worship on.  I mean it.  Find a private spot in the house {my closet works well-shhh, don’t tell them where I am}.  Cram those earbuds in your ears, get on your knees, close your eyes and focus on worshiping the Lord. 

We’re talking just three minutes tops, here.   You can work it in.  It can be a special time.

Am I the only one who reads scripture and then a worship song pops in my head that’s been created with music to the verses, so to speak?

I’ve been humming the words {scripture} to this song for the past two days.  Definitely one of my favs of all time.  Oh, and here’s this week’s fav verse…

“Roll your works upon the Lord {commit and trust them wholly to Him; He will cause your thoughts to become agreeable to His will, and} so shall your plans be established and succeed.”   Proverbs 16:3

I hope it encourages you, Girlfriend.

But wait, there’s more.

#2 ~ I’ve been able to clearly see His direction and my purpose and passions coming to life

#3 ~ We had a huge need of a piano for Princess to practice on in-between piano lessons and gracious friends made sure that we got one to borrow.

#4 ~  I’ve been nurturing a relationship with a teen girl for a while now and recently God orchestrated details perfectly for us to spend some incredible God-time together talking about Him and going over questions she had about things.   I’m hopeful that it’s a turning point for her to become serious with her walk with the Lord and follow Him daily.  Thank you Jesus.

Alright, it’s time to quit fighting it and just trust God with all the little things in your life.  He does really care about all that too. 


Don’t forget that Fit & Fab Fall starts next Monday so sign up to join me right now.  You don’t want to miss this fun time we are going to have together.

Go ahead —>  go sign up, I’ll wait.


And lastly, I hope you are ready for this week’s inspirational story.    I mean really, just Love God and Love People.  It can be that simple.  I can imagine the crazy-happy look on my face every. single. time. I see this homeless man smile.   Ahhh!

Have a wonderful week and just know, I’m praying for you, Honey.

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