5 Reasons To Declutter The Kitchen This Week, Dear Friend

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When you think about cooking and spending time in your kitchen, does dread start rising up inside of you?  If so, then I’m sure the thought of having to declutter the kitchen doesn’t fill your heart with joy either.  Ha.

Believe me, I understand your wrinkled brow right now but I’m here to tell ya – you need to hang tight because I believe you may just be surprised at how quickly you get in the cooking mood by joining me for week #2 of the Minimal March Challenge. Don’t fear, today’s assignment is super-easy.


After losing our home to a house fire, our community and church rallied around us and provided essentials including a very large, beautiful house for us to lay our heads that night and for the next few months. The amazing kitchen essential gifts we received included one set of dishes, one set of Tupperware, one set of beverage glasses, one set of pots,  one colander…..

You get the picture.  

That’s all we needed and I was SO grateful for every. single. piece.  To a bystander, it may have looked strange to have such a minimal amount of “stuff” in such a humongous house.  

But when you go from having a home of too much one day to coming home with just your overnight bag and find that life as you knew it when you left is a heap of ashes — you find the value in the important things and the cluttering of excess is not OK anymore.  No longer do you accumulate as much as you can but you have just what you need.

In reality, it turned out to be a breath of fresh air to live with less.


We’ve done a great job of thinking to periodically declutter the kitchen but it’s been a while and it’s amazing how too much mysteriously sneaks back in.  I’m excited to do a good purge of all the unnecessary to become stress-free again.  

To be honest, when there’s so much junk and I can’t find what I need or there’s too much stuff in the drawer when all I need is one little specific spoon, Mama gets in a bad mood.  Quickly.

Don’t leave me hanging, Girl.   Am I alone in this?

This is the space where we should be spreading joy and love through the work of our hands by providing wholesome nutrition for our families.  

But are we, dear Mama?  

I fall very short in this area of letting the guilt of not doing what I should to affect my mood and that spills out all over the ones around me.  

Seriously, think about the last time you opened a cluttered cabinet or closet and it put you in a good mood…..

Pretty sure that didn’t happen. 

So that’s my motivation and my goal.   To give it my all and tweak my attitude to choose joy.  If there is no joy, we need to change what’s keeping us from it — hence the reason for the Minimal March Challenge.  I pray that’s the motivation of your heart too — to delight in the work of our hands to bless those we love most.

Since we are taking baby steps this week, let’s start with:

5 Reasons to Declutter the Kitchen This Week

  1. Less Mess-It’s amazing how much stress, time, & energy you will save if you have less to clean, clean around, pick up, find storage for, etc
  2. Less Stress-If you walk into a kitchen that is less cluttery because it’s efficiently purged of the extra, I guarantee your stress levels will lower tremendously
  3. More Storage-The biggest pet peeves of Mom Kitchens-storage.  If you have less junk stuff, there will be sufficient space for the important.
  4. More Function-Once we declutter the unnecessary, your kitchen will function more properly, I promise.
  5. More Joy-When you have less mess, less stress, more space, and more function in your kitchen Mama, you’ll be calling me your B.F.F. for life

I’m calling on a few women to join me in a different mindset than most.   You know as well as I do it’s all about attitude.    We turn to scripture for other areas of our lives, why not in being a keeper of our home?  

Be encouraged by knowing that spectacularly innovative and frugal ideas are coming to show you to make the most of your storage space and to help your kitchen function in the best way possible.  Many of you answered my poll and I listened.

But first, we gotta lose the junk stuff and get ready to make that kitchen an amazing place for our family and ourselves.   

Talk to me in the comments if you look forward to a pretty, peaceful, fully-functioning kitchen with sufficient storage.

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  1. Shaun Hoobler
    March 19, 2015 / 9:20 am

    I de-clutter the kitchen at least twice a month, and I keep it clean every day.

    • Shan
      April 1, 2015 / 11:18 pm

      Awesome Sauce Shaun!


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