All I Need Is A Little Help From My Wifey Friends (Vlog!)

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Hello, sister friends! I have some exciting news about a little project I’ve been creating just for you.  I just need a little help from my friends though to make it complete. The hacks I’m sharing have revolutionized the way I think about cooking over here at my house. No more stressing about food!

My project

Lean in close because my Lil idea is an easy peasy way for us to get an assortment of main meals on the table with the greatest of ease. I’m sharing 10 free (simple) recipes, shopping list, videos, pretty printables, and more.

Can I get an, “oh yeah?!”

Let me stop here and say this, “I am not a perfect wife nor cook.” I struggle with wifey things just like everyone else BUT when it comes food, I actually enjoy cooking for my family now. I can’t wait to share what changed and how to get the pep back in your step and the kitchen, honey!


A little help

Here’s where you come in. As I explain in the video below, I am in need of one answered question from you, if you please. Many of you have told me that you are burdened with getting meals on the table. It can be so stressful if we don’t know how to fix it!

What I need to know is what part of getting meals on the table is the most stressful?

  • buying the food?
  • planning the meals?
  • lack of cooking skills?
  • not enough time?
  • do you hate to cook?
  • something else?

Here’s my video explaining it all:

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I’d be tickled to hear any opinions you have about this after you’ve watched the video. Shoot me a message in the comments of this post or leave your answer in the message box at the bottom of the blog.



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☕️ It’s THE REAL DEAL around here ☕️


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  1. Sabrina
    August 3, 2017 / 9:50 am

    One thing I struggle with…the constant meal planning. I get tired and lazy. And I get tired of the same stuff over and over. I’m excited for your little pack!!

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