Foods To Eat To Lose Weight Or Just Be Healthy (Healthier Wife Day #2)

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Do You Know What Foods To Eat To Lose Weight?

Instead of focusing today on what not to eat to be healthier, let’s talk about what foods to eat to lose weight or just become more healthy. Did you catch Healthier Wife Vlog Day #1?  Be sure to watch it!  Today has been another wild day like I vlogged about yesterday.  Before hopping in the truck to head to the grocery store for a healthy food haul, I reminded myself what my mission was – fresh fruit and veggies, lean meats, good snacks, nuts, sunflower seeds, beans, red potatoes, etc.  I got my list together and then …..


The battery in the truck was doornail dead!

I’ll have to wait until tomorrow to grocery shop.  That’s what I call a speedbump!  But I won’t let it distract me.  Did you have any speedbumps today?

You would think that I would have already filled up on healthy foods since the Wife challenge started yesterday, but hey, this is real life!  I had quite a bit of fresh food that I could work from.  That’s why I’m sharing my daily details so you’ll see that healthier can be done even in the midst of crazy-dazy lives.

What Foods to Eat to Lose Weight & Be Healthier

I’m no physician, nutritionist, or diet expert but this isn’t rocket science, y’all.  We’ve simply got to get back on track of being intentional and consistent in filling up on the right foods for the long haul.  So what are the right foods to eat to lose weight, naturally cleanse our bodies, or just become a healthier wife?

This Healthier Wife 10 Day Challenge is about filling up only on those whole real foods from each of the categories I mentioned above:  Proteins, Fruits, Vegetables, healthy fats, and complex carbs.  If the last thing you ate doesn’t fit into one of those categories, it’s probably not something that will help you on the road to being healthy.

Ideal Protein

chicken breast, eggs, venison or any game, lean ground beef, turkey – whole or ground, Fish, Tuna, etc.

Ideal Healthy Fats

extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, nut butter, nuts, and seeds.

All Fresh Vegetables

Try to get one green one a day but any vegetable (as long as you are mixing it up) is fine.  Green leafys are awesome.

All Fresh Fruits

All fruit is wonderful, just mix it up.  Berries and citrus ones are great for cleansing.

Complex carbs

Beans and lentils are fabulous – especially hummus. Quinoa and whole grain brown rice are great.  Oatmeal can’t be beat.  Potatoes now and then.

Here’s a look at Day #2:

Before Breakfast

Felt great this morning when I woke up.  I fixed my warm B Vitamin drink and took my two probiotics.  I did my bible study while sipping my yummy orange beverage.  I waited thirty minutes before moving on to let my vitamins do their jobs.


I had a harder time choking down my fiber drink this morning.  You see, I purposefully ordered the grainiest flavor even though I have extreme texture issues because it is known to do the most, ahem, “cleansing.”  There are two other flavors that are perfectly smooth but I mean business, sister, so I’ll get it done.  I drank a glass of water after the fiber – like I’m supposed to- and washed it all down more.


I was so full that I waited for a bit before drinking my yummy protein shake.  I get up so stickin’ early that this works out fine.

Mid-Morning Snack

About two and a half hours after my shake, I was ready for a snack.  An apple and some cashews hit the spot in an awesome way.  I thought I had normal, unsalted cashews.  After chunking some in my mouth, I realized that they had a strange flavor and looked at the bag.  It said, “Curry Cashews.”  What?  They were really good!


I had the best lunch, friend.  I remembered that Superman had made some chicken salad recently.  I thought through the ingredients and realized it was really clean:  Cooked chicken, Olive Oil Mayonnaise, jalapeno, garlic powder, salt, and pepper.  Oh, my word!  I’ll name it Kickin’ Chicken Salad and write up its own blog post soon with a printable recipe card.  It was so good.  A chopped, boiled egg would have been a nice addition too.  I also took two Omega 3s.

Kraft Mayo – With Olive Oil – 22 Ounces

Mid-afternoon Snack

Just a serving of sunflowers seeds and strawberries was a quick afternoon snack for me.


I know this isn’t exciting but I finished off the steak stir fry from yesterday and took two Omega 3s. Tasted just as good and took about fifty-five seconds to make.  Score!


I drank a lot of water today!  I love water these days.  😉

Before Bed

I did have to get up last night about 1:00a.m. just like I told you I would yesterday.  I’m taking those herbal cleanse vitamins right now before it gets too late!

All in all, it was a great day.  I didn’t think about food much at all and I stayed satisfied, not hungry at all.

The idea behind the ten days with only these foods, eating every few hours, and drinking lots of water is that 1) we’ll be so full of the good stuff that the bad stuff will have a harder time sneaking in, 2) we’ll lose cravings for bad carbs, sugar, excessive dairy, and fried foods after doing without for so long, and 3) we’ll notice how amazing we feel when our body (God’s temple) is working at full throttle like He designed it to be.

How was Your Healthier Wife Day?


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  1. Callie
    September 22, 2016 / 1:06 pm

    Great info! Thanks for posting!

  2. De Bolton
    September 22, 2016 / 8:59 pm

    I find greater success when I focus on what I can eat too its behavioral. Great suggestions!

  3. Milena
    September 23, 2016 / 11:49 am

    This is a great checklist for someone looking to improve their diet and lose a few pounds! Protein is so key!

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