How To Declutter The Kitchen This Weekend & Have Fun, Honey

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Remember a couple days ago, we decided to finally bite the bullet to declutter the kitchen since Mama gets cranky when it’s chaotic and clutter-y?  I mean, who enjoys it when you have to fight with the utensil drawer to maneuver one little serving spoon without spilling the {other overflowing} utensils in the floor?

OK great, so I’ve somehow convinced you that what you need to do this week is join me in this adventure.  Woot. — Oh quit whining, you got nothing else going on.

So far, so good.

Now you see the title says you have to enjoy it?  I can hear you laughing and I know what you’re thinking, “What kinda looney tune show is she running here?”  

See, it’s working.  You are already laughing.  Laughter = Fun.  


Seriously, I hope that you’ll see this to the end.  Let’s have fun with it and I promise that if you hang in there til the end of our adventure, you’ll definitely find more function, storage space, peace, and even, Fun.

You’ll thank me later so just send dark chocolate, thanks.


How we are not going to declutter the kitchen

 We are not going to deal with the inside of the refrigerator or pantry.  We’re not gonna worry about food.  Woohoo.  

We are focusing on places like cabinets and drawers that aid you in preparing a meal.  Where all your kitchen stuff {dinnerware, big bowls, small appliances, holiday dinnerware, silverware, serving spoons, pizza cutter, pitchers, etc} is stored and the visible clutter that the world can see like your countertop and the top of your refrigerator.  

By losing the chaos in these areas, we are gonna lower the Mama-stress and give you more logical function in your kitchen.  If you are like me, you moved in and just placed everything exactly where the previous owner did or decided what would be good places without much thought.  

Here’s the Problem —>  Thangs Aint Working so well 

 I’ve heard from many of you that the “systems” we’ve kinda thrown together in our kitchens just aren’t making our lives any easier as far as function and storage space goes. Things like how we store our pots and pans, tupperware, 50 bottles of spices, utencils, and on and on.

So we are gonna take some baby steps to weed out the duplicates, junk, and unnecessary stuff we don’t have to have and then we’ll get on to some awesome function and storage solutions.  You have a requirement to add to all the missions below…..

You have to crank up some music while you do it or {if you can’t do that right now} promise me you will set a timer and then dance in the middle of your kitchen to the music in your head at exactly fifteen minute intervals.  Feel free to grab any unsuspecting human that walks anywhere near the kitchen and make them dance with you too,


Mission #1 to Declutter your Kitchen

Think my place is all together?  Let me be transparent with a couple cabinets and a couple utensil drawers.  {this is how much I love you}:

Lower Cabinet
Utensil Drawers
Upper Cabinet

I want you to go right now Sista and stand in your kitchen.  Maybe you are on a small device and can take me with you.  If not, go, I’ll be here waiting on ya.

I want you to look at your space with fresh eyes.  What clutter would be very obvious to a guest that you may not even notice anymore?  Check out the top of your frig and cabinets that don’t go to the ceiling.  How about your bar, countertops, and small table in your kitchen {not the dining room}?

Get a box and a trash can and begin in the easiest spot you see.  Don’t have too much on the frig?  Start there.  Only a few papers on the counter?  Start there.

Me?  Yeah, I’m starting with the ridiculous amount of junk on top of my frig pictured above.

I want you to remove every piece of and put it in the box or trash.  Be ruthless.  If it’s been on the frig for a while and you haven’t missed it, it may be tossable material.  Of course, you must decide but if it needs to stay, chunk it in the box.

Don’t forget to dance to the loud tunes or the ones just in your head if it takes longer than 15 minutes.  {this is where the fun comes in}

Now go sit on the floor with your box and quickly remove items and place in piles of where things need to go.  Now look at your piles and see if there are any duplicates.  If so, throw away or put in the “other” pile.   We’ll deal with it later.  

When your box is empty, move to the other visible areas {in the kitchen only} where clutter is seen by others without having to open anything.  Repeat the same process.  

Now, go put away the piles to the places they need to go {unless you can throw it away or put it the “other” pile.  Go ahead, I’ll wait.

Now look at your “other” pile.  If it can’t go to your kiddo’s hope chest or be sold by you in the next week, put in a pile by the exit door of your house {for now}.

Congrats, you’ve completed your first mission.  Now go take a break and come back in an hour or a few to move on to the next.  Don’t wait too long, it’s gettin’ fun.


Mission #2 to Declutter your Kitchen

Take a peek in your cabinets and drawers with fresh eyes.  Which one drives you the craziest with stuff overflowing or just not working?

Grab that box and trash can.  Follow the same process of trashing as much as you can and then boxing everything else up and taking it into another space. {It’s important to completely remove everything from the space you are working on.  Everything}.   Before you go to sort through what is in the box, look at your completely empty cabinet or drawer.   This space does not have to be overflowing.  Try to only replace what you absolutely have to.  Put all duplicates in the trash, kid’s hope chest, sell pile, or the pile that’s already by the door to head outta here.

Continue throughout the weekend with the other cabinets and drawers until you’ve touched them all.  Very important —> No cheating.  Remove everything from each space, place in a box, throw away, make piles, put away, or put by the door.  

I make it even more fun for myself and the fam helping to set the timer and race against the clock and take super-short breaks in between.  Before you know it, you’ll be done.

Oh yeah, and don’t forget to dance!


 Tell me which area was the worst in the comments and load any pix you want to share on the facebook page.


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  1. March 21, 2015 / 10:05 am

    I often de-clutter the kitchen like once or twice a month. But keep it clean any other day.

    • Shan
      April 1, 2015 / 11:16 pm

      That is wonderful Paola! Keep up the great work.


  2. March 24, 2015 / 11:10 am

    I love a clean/decluttered kitchen myself as well. Haven’t touched ours in awhile, it’s probably getting to be that time…

    Pinning 🙂

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