How To Prepare For Thanksgiving: 4 Last Minute Tips To Keep Your Sanity

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It’s almost Turkey Day and you haven’t done a thing to prepare for Thanksgiving?! Whatever you do, don’t panic!  Even though my crowd will be smaller this year, I still have lots to do and I’m feeling a little behind myself… the house, Thanksgiving meal prep, Thanksgiving decorations!  BUT, we’re guru girls and all it takes is a little more coffee, some inspo, and a whole lot o’ Jesus. Amen? I mean, this is Thanksgiving Day – so here are 4 quick tips to prepare for Thanksgiving in a jiffy without losing your noggin.

close up of pumpkins of different colors to prepare for Thanksgiving

4 Last minute tips to prepare for Thanksgiving

If it makes you feel any better, I’ve written a couple articles lately about how to prepare for Thanksgiving [How to Make Your Home Cozy for Fall & an Easy Thanksgiving Menu] and it always sneaks up on me too.  You see, the weekend before Thanksgiving is my birthday weekend and it’s a new tradition to head to Athens.  So, we’ve just returned from that trip and I need to get my rear in gear as well.

Here’s what we can do right now to enjoy a fun, stress free Thanksgiving Day.


All your friends are using the Walmart grocery pickup and/or Kroger’s Clicklist.  Both are free grocery pickups that will deliver your groceries right to your car and you don’t even have to get out.  This eases my stress levels by volumes when I can order and pay online and not have to spend an hour or two inside the grocery store!


If you are hosting guests for Thanksgiving, decide what the “have tos” are as far as house cleaning goes.  If your house is a disaster, focus on the rooms that are most important to be presentable.  Let go of perfection and do what you can.  Enlist family members with specific tasks if possible, and set a timer to have fun seeing who can complete their chores quickest – emphasis is on having fun.


Whether you are in charge of taking one dish to Grandma’s house or hosting a houseful, decide what you can make ahead today to make last minute touches easier.  For instance, if you are in charge of pies, make them the day ahead.


If you are hosting the meal, as long as cleaning is done, it’s never too early to set the table.  I find that getting the table set ahead of time motivates me to keep going with the beautiful fall colors!  If you have kids attending, be sure to set up their table ahead of time too, equipped with Thanksgiving printables, crayons, and games where applicable.

Are you ready to prepare for Thanksgiving with me?!  Tell me about your plans in the comments!


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