Printable Christmas Gift List: How To Finally Keep Track Of It All This Year

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Wouldn’t it be nice to have a printable Christmas gift list to simply organize the Christmas gift ideas already bought, know who they were for, and what else needs to be bought?  At this point in the holiday season, I need a place to write Christmas gift ideas and then “check off” the Christmas presents that have actually been bought.  I also need a designated spot to “check off” which items on the Christmas gift list have been wrapped and which ones are hidden away somewhere in my bedroom closet!  Guess what?  I created an adorable printable Christmas list that will help to organize your holiday this year!

close up of tree and gifts for printable Christmas gift list



You see, years ago when money was VERY tight, this printable Christmas gift list was my lifeline to make sure that the first couple Christmas wish list ideas for each child were taken care of.  The hubs was in law enforcement and I worked full-time, but there was a whole lot more month than money, if you know what I mean. Christmas is such a special time of year for children, and having an organized Christmas list for my frugal Christmas gift shopping helped reduce my stress level by helping me keep track of the essentials I needed to ensure magical Christmas experiences for the kiddos.

Not only does this take a load of stress off of my holiday season, a Christmas gift list template keeps me from overspending.  Since I’m able to clearly see at at glance what has already been taken care of, I don’t run around buying unnecessary filler gifts like I did when I was first married.  You know what I mean… you don’t think you have enough for Aunt Sally, so you buy one more little whatnot.

A master Christmas gift lift is really my best friend as the holiday starts to get insanely busy and I need a true gift tracker.  With super busy days, I would purchase gifts sporadically and then forget what I bought.

OK, it has happened. Please tell me I’m not the only one!

close up of tree and gifts for printable Christmas gift list


Here are a few answers to questions asked about my gift list.  Inevitably, I always have questions when there is a printable product, even when it’s a freebie.

Can I print the Christmas gift list in black and white or color?

This printable can be printed in color or black and white or grayscale just like any other printable product.  I prefer to print mine in color when possible because it is very festive that way.  However, if you are out of colored ink, the list looks lovely as a black and white version as well.

What if my list is longer than this printable?

With everyone in our extended family now, one page of this Christmas gift list template is never enough to fill in all the people and gifts.  I simply print another sheet and staple it to the top sheet.  I also use the back of the printable list to create a wish list for the kiddos before deciding exactly what to buy.

If I want to print another sheet later, how will I find it on the blog?

When you receive this free printable, you will have lifetime access to the secret vault of family travel and cozy home printables at any time.  You’ll also receive an email update from me now and then.  The secret vault to this long list of printables in on  password-protected page on this blog.  You will receive the password in your email and can use that to access our secret place from now to forever.


Here is the printable list I’ve been raving about.  Here you’ll see pictured the grayscale and color printing options.  Click image below to download your free printable too!

table with printable Christmas gift list on it with decorations


You may still be in need of some unique, fun, but still practical Christmas gifts.  If so, check out these Christmas gift ideas!

Have you downloaded the Printable Christmas gift list yet?  I’d love to hear about the toughest struggle for you this holiday below in the comments!

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