The How-to Monthly: September 2015

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Welcome to the first edition of The How-to Monthly.  A new lil treat because several readers have requested more personal snippets into what’s going on ’round here in our crazy Southern life.  It’s not just any update but a jam-packed, plethora of my favorite How-to tips, fashion, encouragement, and randomness to keep you going until next month.

Let’s get started, shall we:

The Wedding

The most exciting thing going on around here by far is the upcoming marriage of our oldest in Less. Than. Two. Weeks.  Holy Cow – it’s here, y’all!  Be still my heart.  E and Captain were given a wedding shower in her hometown by her Sister and bridesmaids last month.


Just last weekend, some of my best buddies gave them a FABULOUS wedding shower in our hometown {the bottom photo shows us with my incredible “hostess” buds}


Princess has her bridesmaid dress = check

All the fellas have their tuxedos, including Superman = check

Wedding food bought and semi-prepared (we’ll be finishing up this weekend) = check

Mama finally has her Mother of the Groom dress = check and hallelujah

Word of advice to Moms:  The moment you learn that you will be a mother of the bride or groom,  start looking for a dress that fits within the bride’s wishes.  It is so hard to find one that doesn’t look like a granny formal or a teen, prom dress.  I mean, if you are good with strapless, backless, and not much material, you’ll find something easily.  😉

You’ll have a more up-to-the-minute glimpse into the wedding countdown and actual wedding festivities by following The How-to Guru’s Facebook or Instagram.

 My Recent Articles

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My Fave How-Tos

I love Kendra’s take on How to Shed the Excess {and no, it’s not talking about fat thighs!}

On my Kendra binge, I also enjoyed learning how to make the perfect latte without the equipment!

Talk about instant gratification: How to Update that Kitchen in ONE DAY!

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My September Favorites

Fall Outfit #1:









Fall Outfit #2:

pumpkin pie outfit







Fall Outfit #3:

casual outfit







Bible Verse:

this is the day










TV Shows:

Cedar Cove and Bringing Up Bates are the only two shows I’ve kept up with this season.  


bathing kitty cat








Netflix Movie/Show:

I’ve never enjoyed watching cop shows due to being a cop’s wife for the first portion of our marriage.  Too real and not stuff I like to dwell on but since Forensic Chemistry is on the docket this year, CSI New York {via Netflix} has been in the house.  We did a trial offer will Netflix to see what it’s like and I must say, they’ve improved over the years tremendously.

Inspiring video:

 If you follow me on social media, you know I am random about fitness… No need to stress about exercise {like I talk about often}, just crank up the tunes and “shake, shake, shake!”


What do you think ~ Was this helpful or encouraging?  I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!


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