What Is June 14 In America And Who Cares?

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Since June 14 in America isn’t a Federal Holiday, lots of folks have no idea and want to know “What is June 14 anyway?  You know how much I love our country and its important holidays.  A short, entertaining “How-to” about Flag Day is just what you need to get the skinny on this super-cool holiday.  Let’s get going, Wifey friend …..

What is June 14? Find out!

From war-torn Europe, to the mountains of Afghanistan, to the deserts of Iraq, the flag and those who carry it are universally recognized as harbingers of liberation, justice, and peace. Regardless of circumstance, our flag endures as a sign of hope.

On Flag Day, we look to the red, white, and blue as a symbol of our commitment to advancing the universal hope of liberty and justice for all.

Old Glory abounds in the landscape of our daily lives, reminding us of the freedom we share. The 50 stars and 13 stripes are not just a random pattern, they symbolize the blessings of liberty we enjoy as Americans.    ~George W. Bush

What is June 14?

Y’all!  I’m more than a little giddy about the video below that answers the ‘What is June 14″ question.  I was able to find this gem that’s an attention grabber for all ages.  Rap is not my favorite music genre but please, for the love, turn this up and listen to the words.  It’s family-friendly and full of so much wisdom.  It contains so much info that I wanted to share.

I’m all about making education FUN!

View American Flag Rap
Show the fam that video (didn’t you just love it?).  If you have littles, you can do some of these free Flag Day printables and activities.  June 14th is also the Army’s birthday.

The Flag Day Guru Challenge

So what are we to do with all this information about June 14th?  Every month, our country is dealing with tragedy and sadness it seems.  Let’s band together as Americans (like they did, for example, in the 1940s) and show our pride in old glory.  Come on y’all, let’s come together to heal and do this.

  1. Be informed.  Learn what Flag Day means and teach it to the next generation (I’ve made it easy here!)
  2. Learn Flag etiquette.  For example, did you know it’s disrespectful to wear the flag?  Learn the facts.
  3. Fly the Flag.  We make sure our all-weather flag isn’t tattered.  If it is, buy a new flag and fly it proud!
  4. Take a Flag Selfie.  Take a photo of your flag and share it on the facebook page!  (Include your face if you want)

What is June 14? Find out!

Go answer the question “What is June 14?!”

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