Best Snacks List For Kids & Adults That Are “Real Food” & On-The-Go!

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Best Snacks made with real food

I’m getting real here with ya:  My family struggles with keeping the best snacks around that are slightly healthier (that actually taste good!) so that it’s not a Doritos fest with Oreos on the side.  Oh – maybe that’s just at my house.

Her BEST SNACKS list is wonderful because they are pre-packaged but healthier than most!

Seriously, though, we’ve got to start giving ourselves grace to buy pre-packaged snacks and do the best we can because – LIFE is NUTS – and it isn’t always convenient to chop carrots and grab the hummus!  I’m creating this list for you and me to keep a good supply of these fabulous-tasting, better-than-the-junk-we-want-to-snack-on snacks so we aren’t dipping into the bad stuff every day!

Every single time I get sucked into buying the popular snacks that are high-carb and/or loaded with sugar, they are fun and tasty for the moment but boy oh boy, they do nothing for energy (not to mention our weight and well-being).  It never fails, when I don’t buy junk at the store, Superman comes home with it, and vice versa.

Fortunately, there are lots of convenient “real foods” snacks available now – we just have to keep them on hand so we can grab them instead.  WooHoo!  These snacks provide flavor and nutrients without added sugar, grease, empty calories, and undesirable ingredients.

Let’s get on to the best snacks list, shall we?!  (let me assure you that the following of these best snacks taste good or they wouldn’t make the cut at my house).

Best Snacks List


You’ve probably heard about LaraBars and wondered what the big deal was.  They are a classic real food snack for the whole family because they’re made with simple ingredients and contain no added sugar. In fact, they get their sweetness from dates.

I bet you didn’t know about LaraBars coming in so many different flavors, so everyone in the family should be able to find a flavor or two that they love.  Since I’m planning for snacks for a week or two in advance, I like to get the box so that we won’t run out too soon (and the price is typically better this way too).  These Mini Snack Bar Variety Pack are awesome!

Applesauce Pouches & Cups

The inventor of applesauce pouches deserves a great big award, in my opinion.  This traditional real food snack is perfect in pouches for littles that would otherwise be super-messy.  Older kids or adults will prefer the convenient cups to throw in a lunchbox for later. These organic applesauce choices are perfect for making sure your children and adults are getting a serving of healthy fruit.

 Sweet Potato Chips

Not only do sweet potato chips provide a serving of vegetables for your kids, but they give them a change from regular white potato chips. These sweet potato chips are extra nutritious because they’re cooked in coconut oil, which remains healthy at high cooking temperatures unlike the oils normally used to fry potato chips that will only leave adults and kids dragging from the high carb and greasy ingredients.

Fruit Leather

Fruit leathers are a popular snack with everyone for good reason. Fruit leather is sweet without the addition of sugar. These organic fruit leathers are perfect for a light snack before or after extracurricular activities or between meals. They also make a great addition to your child’s lunchbox where their sweetness makes a fun after-lunch dessert without a sugar crash afterward.  Hallelu!

Skinny Pop

We love popcorn at our house.  Although we frequently eat healthy popcorn made with coconut oi/butter and kernels, let’s be honest … there isn’t always time to stand there and pop up some corn and put it in little individual baggies.  Skinny pop comes in a family-sized bag but the individual bags are a lifesaver for one of the best snacks that are on-the-go.  This popcorn seriously tastes so incredible that the problem lies with stopping with one bag.  So Good!

Nut Butter Pouches

Nut butter pouches are another genius on-the-go snack. Like applesauce pouches, nut butter pouches make a potentially messy snack easy to eat in the car. They are a great source of protein to help keep kids and adults stay full and sharp between meals.  Hint: one of the best snacks is the chocolate hazelnut blend – mmm.  Everyone loves these yummy snacks!

Peeled Dried Mango

Mango is kid favorite because of its sweetness, but it’s far too messy to be convenient. These dried mangoes from Peeled are perfect for tossing in a diaper bag or backpack on the way out the door. They’re chewy so they give the satisfaction of a gummy-like snack without all the added sugar and artificial colors.  I. love. these. thangs!

Raw Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin seeds are a super-healthy snack and make for an interesting eat. These pumpkin seeds provide your kids with an alternative to nuts. They are oil-free and salted with Celtic sea salt, which retains important nutrients that refined salt is missing.  A truly awesome snack that mixes things up with a new flavor to keep the fam from getting bored with the typical snacks.

Caveman Cookies

Caveman cookies are deceptively healthy. Your kids will never guess that the chewy cookie they’re eating is actually good for them. Caveman cookies come in 6 different varieties and are Paleo-friendly. They don’t contain any gluten, grain, dairy or refined sugar.  Woohoo!  

Grain-Free Snack Mix

If your kids like the taste of Chex Mix, but you despise the long list of unhealthy ingredients, try this real food grain-free snack mix. It has the flavors you love without the additives and preservatives. In fact, it provides nutrients where popular snack mixes leave your kids nutrient-empty.

Feeding the entire family (including the picky ones!) real food snacks doesn’t mean you must eat every snack at home or prepare all their snacks from scratch.  There are plenty of convenient snacks for kids available today to help all busy families get the most nutrients – and the least unhealthy ingredients – in every bite.

I am so thankful for all of these.  I will be adding to this list as I remember ones we like and discover new ones.  I’d also love to add the ones that you enjoy too at the bottom of this page.

What real food goodies did I miss that belong on my best snacks list?

Her BEST SNACKS list is awesome because it's filled with loads of healthiER snacks that are pre-packaged. EASY!

*Additional Best Snack Ideas suggested by Readers

Nutrigrain bars

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  1. Kristine-Bites of Flavor
    October 28, 2016 / 11:25 am

    This list is spot on! I am so happy Justin’s made snack packs. All these snacks are perfect for grab and go. Great for adults! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Lindsay
    October 28, 2016 / 11:26 am

    I am so glad I came across this post! I’ve been looking for some new healthy snacks, and you listed some of my old favorites I have forgotten about!

  3. Ashley | Spit Up and Sit Ups
    October 28, 2016 / 12:46 pm

    Great choices! We always bring Nutrigrain bars!

  4. Emma @ Muddy Boots and Diamonds
    October 28, 2016 / 2:49 pm

    OMGoodness, fruit pouches are my life savor! I’ll admit that I still buy my 2.5 year old the ones from the baby food aisle because they have more flavors than apple + another fruit. But they’re great for a quick snack on the go – with little to no mess!

  5. Lauren
    November 1, 2016 / 3:08 pm

    I love this list! I always eat really unhealthy snacks because they’re usually the most convenient but these ideas will save me now! Thank you!

  6. Emmi
    November 15, 2016 / 5:03 am

    I’m coming over from #FamilyJoyBlogLinkUp!
    Your list about healthy snacks is interesting although I don’t get this products here in Europe! But it’s an inspiration to have a look at products which I can get here!
    Thank you so much for this inspiration!
    I wish you a wonderful week!
    – Emmi

    • Shan
      November 15, 2016 / 6:22 am

      I hope it was hopeful, Emmi! Thank you so much.


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