Our Love Story On Jekyll Island – What Happened Next?!

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It’s Encouraging September and I’m motivating wives with extra doses of hope and hacks this month.  I thought it would be fun to share the 2nd part of our love story that happened on the lovely Jekyll Island, Georgia. Did you catch part 1?  Oh you gotta read it to believe it –  I’ll wait, dar-lin.

Jekyll Island Georgia

Everyone has a story, but ours is my favorite

When I left you hanging midway through part one of our story, Superman and I had locked eyes on a Jekyll Island Georgia Beach where he was working as a State Trooper.  I ignored his plea to chat on the beach, but we ran into each other that night in a hotel hallway on the other end of the island.

I had reluctantly given him my business card with my salon address and phone number on it because I didn’t want to give him my personal information.  I was playing it safe, sister!  I didn’t see him again that weekend but found myself thinking about him more than I wanted to admit.

Truth be known, I couldn’t wait for Tuesday to roll around to see if he would actually show up at the salon like he said he would.  I had butterflies just thinking about it!

Our Love Story

Before we dive into the second part of our love story, there are just a couple details I want to point out that we realized later …..

1.  My hometown was where he worked at the State Patrol post.

2.  The State Patrol Office was 2-3 miles from my house but we never met.

3.  We belonged to the same gym.

4.  This gym was across the street from my salon but we never met.

5.  We stayed in the exact same hotel on Jekyll but didn’t know it.

6.  He was supposed to be at a GSP retirement party the night we met in the hotel hallway.

After he and I spoke a few minutes in the hotel hallway, he called his Dad that night and told him about me.  He told him that night that he was going to marry me.  I didn’t know this of course until months later, but, what?  We had not even had a full conversation yet!  Another thing that proves that God had our love story all planned out and I was the only one who didn’t have a clue!

Does He Come Visit My Salon?

Not only had I prepared myself to never hear from him the following Tuesday morning, I was knee deep in work with a full day of clients.  Just before lunch, my receptionist started making weird gestures and noises which was very unusual.  I had trained her to handle clients on the phone well so that I didn’t have to stop every five seconds to tend to them.

She was motioning wildly for me to come to the desk (remember this is the girl who invited me to Jekyll Island Georgia in the first place).  HE was on the phone and wanted a haircut appointment with me right away.  She asked me if it was OK.  “Yeah, tell him to come at three,” I told her.

Talk about excitement in the air. My hairdressers and receptionist were tickled to pieces.  They had all seen him at the beach and were rooting for him to break through to the ice princess!

Haircut Appointment

He comes walking in the door like he owns the place.  He pauses at the oversized front desk for a friendly chat with my staff.  I smile politely at him and then turn back to my current client.

Jekyll Island Georgia

Soon it’s his turn and he confidently walks to my hydraulic chair that faces me, plops down, looks up at me and says …..

“You know I don’t really need a haircut, right?  I just came for a closer look.”

Oh my word.  I was not expecting that!  In my shy, embarrassed way, I swung him around in the chair so he’d face the mirror, and as I tightly clasped the cape around his neck, I looked up at the mirror and said, “Well, you’re getting one anyway!”  

He was very sweet with me and the rest of the staff.  They were all googly eyes over him.  I wasn’t so sure.  I’d never had anyone be so nice but so honest, so charming but so intense. Before he walked out the door that day he had made everyone laugh at his funny outlook on things that left a smile on all of our faces.

The Roses Start Coming

The next morning through the glass storefront of the salon, we all could see the delivery boy heading our way with a vase of twelve magnificent roses.  All the females in the building went bananas.  Everyone held their breath until I opened the card addressed to me that said how beautiful and special I was.  Oh boy!

Two hours later, I’m with a client at my chair when the girls start buzzing like bees.  “He’s coming!  He’s coming!”  I look through the storefront glass again and see a State Patrol car pull in.  As my client is leaving she remarks, “God’s writing a beautiful love story here.”

The staff all scatter to the breakroom in the back so he and I can chat at the desk but I can feel them watching.  I thank him for the gorgeous flowers and then he asks for my number.  With my paranoia still on high alert, I give him my “beeper” number instead.  Cell phones weren’t popular yet but I was not giving him my home number.  I still didn’t trust him.

A dozen roses continued to be delivered at the salon every single week.  He sent me messages every day on my beeper.  I would call him when I knew he was at the patrol post every night and we would talk and talk.  He asked me on a real date and  I told him I’d go to lunch with him.  I could barely eat a bite but we had an incredible time together.  I also let him take me a couple counties over on a Sunday afternoon double date with my receptionist and her boyfriend.

Our Love Story Dinner Cruise Surprise

He got his big chance when I asked him to help pull off a big birthday surprise for the receptionist’s boyfriend.  We got all dressed up and I needed him to rush us to a dinner cruise docked near Jekyll Island Georgia (what is it about that island?).  He made my friend and I laugh so hard as he drove us at high speed.  He became the big hero for making the birthday surprise extra special and go without a hitch.

I became a little uneasy after we boarded because I was afraid I’d get seasick and there was a big bar on one level and lots of gambling on another once we got out into the ocean.  I joked to him that I hoped the Lord didn’t return and find me in that situation.  He was super sweet and a perfect gentleman.  We mostly stayed out along the railing, watching the water and talking for hours.

That night was a turning point for me.  I felt my heart softening and knew I was falling for him.  It was exciting but I was terrified!  After he dropped me off at the salon that night, I went inside by myself.  I know, not very safe, but I had some business to take care of.  As I watched his truck’s taillights leave the parking lot, I kneeled down beside the waiting room couch and called out to the Lord.  I praised Him for keeping us safe during our big adventure, then I asked Him to let me know if I was in His will.

“Please, please let me see the truth here, Lord,” I pleaded.

“If  he isn’t the one, I will walk away right now!  If he is the one, I will trust you.” 

The most remarkable thing happened.  I literally felt as if a warm blanket draped over my body (so to speak – hard to explain) as a sense of calm and peace flooded through me.  I knew.  I didn’t expect it so soon but I knew God was telling me that he was the one.

This trooper with incredible blue eyes, a commanding presence, and a fabulous sense of humor was for keeps.  I didn’t share this encounter with him but I did begin spending every moment possible I could getting to know him more.

Our Love Story Proposal

Remember that I told you that our love story began and we met on Saturday, June 7th?  Fast forward to Saturday, August 16th as I arrive at the salon with just a few folks on the books.  One of my hairdressers had been there a while and when I walked in she showed me how every one of my clients had rescheduled for another day.

That’s weird.

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This is where our love story really gets interesting… Shortly after, the phone rang and he invited me to ride over to Jekyll Island Georgia that afternoon.  He was working another music festival and said he wanted to hang out there with me after it was over.  I motioned to my hairdresser friend what he was asking on the phone.  She urged me to take off – that she would handle things.

Little did I know that the two of them were in cahoots with each other (she had canceled my people)!

So I ride over to the island where he’s finishing up with work.  He changes into normal clothes and we jump into his truck.  The next thing I know we are pulling up to the beach boardwalk where we first saw each other.  I look at him with a puzzled look and he says something about walking on the beach.

He walks ahead of me on the boardwalk a bit and stops at the end of it closest to the sand.  We talk about how it’s the perfect sunset over the water at dusk.  Next he says, “What would you say if I were to hypothetically ask you to marry me?”  My jaw dropped – I did not see that coming – we’d only known each other two months!  My mind went back to the night I had kneeled before the Lord and He had confirmed with an unexplainable peace that this was the man for me.

I answered him and said, ” Hypothetically, I would probably say yes!”  He said, “Will you marry me then?”  I nodded and he slipped an engagement ring on my finger.

What did you think about the rest of our love story?

We initially planned a long engagement but after planning for a few weeks decided to get married quicker.  Within six months, I went from being a single young woman with trust issues to a happy bride of a wonderful man.  I considered having our wedding on the beach just beyond the special boardwalk but decided to go with a sacred church wedding as a tribute to the Lord for how good He had been to me.

Jekyll Island Georgia is an enchanting little island that we started visiting with our little family (and friends).  It now holds memories for all of us.  You’ll love it! Superman is still full of jokes and likes to say that his first trip to my salon turned out to be the most expensive haircut he’s ever had and he’s been paying for it ever since.  I hope reading the vulnerable details of our love story will encourage you to listen to God’s plan and never look back! 😉

Jekyll Island Georgia

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  1. Lisa/Syncopated Mama
    September 22, 2016 / 8:39 am

    The most expensive haircut – I love it! What a great story! Have a great week!

    • Shan
      September 22, 2016 / 8:59 am

      Thanks, Lisa. Haha, yes, that’s what he always says. VERY expensive haircut. hahahaha God is good.


  2. Melanie
    November 15, 2016 / 10:38 am

    What a sweet love story!! I LOVE all of this!! Meeting a State Trooper by locking eyes on driftwood beach?! It’s like the beginning scene of a movie!! I have also never been to Jekyll Island and heard it is a stunning. Hope to make it there someday soon! Maybe I will even be standing near your proposal spot!

  3. Sabrina
    June 8, 2017 / 5:11 pm

    Oh, friend! What an amazing testament to God’s faithfulness to us!! And what a beautiful love story!! You’ve got me all emotional now! 😉

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